Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Review: Up

Up, Pixar's 10th feature film is yet another instant classic from the studio that has maintained a straight A average since 1995 when they introduced Toy Story, the first full-length digitally animated film.

Up is a masterwork that tells the story of an old man who refuses to let his dreams pass him by. The adventure that ensues as he tries to fulfill a promise to his late wife is all at once funny, emotional, and thrilling.

While other animated studios rely on low-brow humor and worn out sight gags to draw in audiences, Pixar simply strives to tell tales of substance. Every pixel on screen is packed with imagination and intelligence.

Up continues Pixar's tradition of quality storytelling where original ideas meets strong character development. You never get the feeling that you are watching a product of stunt casting or a checklist of executive demands predicated on toy sales. Up has a talented cast made up of legendary talenta like Ed Asner (voicing lead character Carl Fredricksen) and Christopher Plummer (voicing the dashing adventurer, Charles Muntz), mixed with lesser known, but exceptional talent like Jordan Nagai (voicing Carl's boy sidekick Russell). It is clear that Pixar understands that it is the voice talent, not the actor's star power that makes for memorable characters.

Pixar has developed such a fabulous reputation that I wonder if the public even bothers to read reviews on their movies. Nevertheless, this reviewer is proud to proclaim, "Two thumbs UP!" for Pixar's latest masterpiece.

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