Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Beginning

As the title of this first post suggests, I am a newbie to the world of Blogging.

Apparently I went into an analog coma at some point and woke to find myself living in a world where every living human being with access to electricity and a keyboard suddenly had a voice. Not just a voice, but a global-reaching pulpit!

So, here I am, World! I look forward to sharing my views on everything from entertainment to the wonderfully bizarre mine field most call the human condition. I will expound upon my successes and failures as I continue on this madcap journey through adulthood in the chosen guise of actor/writer.

I've never been comfortable giving others advice as I feel I have so much to learn myself. I am religious and I do vote in elections from time-to-time, but you will scarcely read a word on this forum regarding religion or politics. I find these subjects are deeply rooted in individualistic privacy, and I have no desire to debate what others choose to or not to believe.

No, my friends, this is the TEAGUE report. And as that heading suggests, I will focus on my life and the misadventures contained within.

Feel free to drop by whenever you wish. The door is always open.


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