Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Movie Review: Terminator Salvation

This is my first posted review on TTR, so let me start off by saying you will NEVER find a single spoiler in any of my movie reviews. I think any reviewer worth his or her salt should be creative and intelligent enough to discuss the merits/mistakes of a movie without giving away plot details. With that said, here we go:

Terminator Salvation is an action-packed, thrill-ride sequel that respects the past while boldly taking the franchise where it has needed to go for some time now- The future!

McG shows skillful restraint in this A+ Summer blockbuster, and the story is better for it. Refraining from using the once trendy, now nauseating shaky-cam/quick-edits mash-up which mires most action films today, McG has fashioned a credible addition to the franchise. One that tonally matches the first trilogy.

TS is not a masterpiece nor should it be. That heavy lifting was successfully completed years ago by series creator and legendary director, James Cameron. No one will ever be able to duplicate or surpass the achievements of T1 and T2. But just because Cameron abandoned his Terminator universe doesn't mean other skilled storytellers like Jonathan Mostow and McG should be denied entrance into such a fertile playground.

I for one am grateful that someone had the guts to give the fans what James Cameron only teased them with: The actual war between man and the machines! Bravo, McG. I hope you'll be back to bring us parts 5 and 6 very soon.

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  1. I just have to say:

    1) Choppy early editing prior to character establishment caused confusion.

    2) Many areas of this film forced the viewer to be reminded that he/she is only watching a Hollywood film, not actually in it. In short, it failed to keep me on the right side of the wall because of silly far reaching logic holes that it could have easily done without.

    3) The film failed to give me a sense of danger for any character that I cared about. I'll not offer any spoilers here, so I won't be able to elaborate.

    In short, the film was entertaining enough. Though it is this man's belief that McG should stick to producing Chuck and directing more action comedies such as Charlie's Angels. I am not looking forward to any other McG Termininator films and I hope the producers share my sentiments.